Reseller Program

Do you want the freedom of being your own boss? Have you ever wanted to sell data center services, but the high cost of running a data center is a deterrent. Daticum reseller program allows you the opportunity to offer the highest quality data center services available without the cost of running a data center.

Program Details

Daticum Reseller Program allows you to offer our Dedicated and Virtual servers to your customers, without the need to operate your own data center. You will be leading the market by being able to offer your customers a data center services.

You buy dedicated and virtual servers from us for at a discounted rate and have the ability to sell them at whichever rate you choose. We will monitor and manage any servers you sell through our program. We are invisible to your clients and only provide you with the server IP’s that you will provide to your clients.

Benefits of Becoming a Daticum Reseller

  • No Set up fees!
  • Ability to grow your business without capital investment
  • Access to a wide range of technological solutions at extremely competitive prices
  • Rapid provisioning of hardware
  • Resellers will receive priority support and orders
  • Direct contact with Daticum personnel
  • Absolute control over your customer’s experience as you provide customer service, billing and sales support
  • 24 x 7 technical support

How to become a Reseller

  • Resellers must have a website, name and address
  • Resellers must manage and bill your own customers
  • Resellers must provide support to their customers
  • Resellers must ensure your customers follow our Terms of Service and Acceptable use Policy
  • All Reseller Partners will receive guaranteed discounts based on your monthly recurring revenue with Daticum


Monthly Recurring Revenue Monthly Discounts
0 – 300 € 0%
301 – 700 € 5%
701 – 1200 € 7%
1201 – 5000 € 10%
5001 € 15%