The Bulgarian cloud infrastructure provider Daticum AD, part of Sirma Group Holding, launched its innovative Daticum Cloud platform for virtual data centres.

Daticum Cloud platform uses advanced software products, systems, and applications in a cloud environment. It provides businesses with reliable and secure functionalities such as IaaS, PaaS, BaaS, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), DRaaS, and others. It is based on the world-leading virtualization technology of VM Ware. Business users get access to many additional software applications and services, and their provisioning is straightforward and intuitive.

Georgi Tsekov, Chief Executive Officer of Daticum, shares, “The platform enables customers to create their own applications and solutions, thanks to the different tools we provide them. This innovative solution enables each customer to manage and add new services through a self-management portal. The Daticum Cloud platform provides businesses with reliable functionalities. At the same time, it saves resources, provides unlimited scalability, and ensures that the right IT resources are always available to the customer. In addition, the “Pay-per-use” payment model ensures transparency of the costs, and the platform’s customers only pay for the resources they use.”

Another competitive advantage of the platform is its numerous innovative features, such as creating private clouds, self-service containers, clusters (Kubernetes, Docker Host), KVM functionality, predefined software, PaaS services, hybrid cloud applications, etc. The platform also offers analytics to increase the efficiency of IT processes such as access control, definition and management of different tasks, automation, workflows, reporting, and analysis.

24/7 support from the company’s certified engineers.

The new platform-as-a-service will give customers access to three main elements – the ability to orchestrate open source containers and directly manage Kubernetes clusters, containerization technologies (docker containers/hosts), and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).


These are examples of resources available to customers, such as IT companies, that are critical to creating software products. In this way, the software developers can provide the necessary resources and create their own applications and solutions, thanks to the availability of different instruments they have access to.

Fast, easy, and hassle-free development process

Companies like startups will have in their hands the main tools and applications needed to ensure a seamless process of creating software solutions and process automation from one place. The set of such functionalities provides a fast, easy, and hassle-free development process for entrepreneurs and companies, allowing them to bring to life their innovative ideas and accelerate the software creation process without limitations regarding the latest technologies, computing power, and IT infrastructure.

Last but not least, the company’s certified engineering teams provide 24/7 support. The support provided and guaranteed by our trusted partners and Daticum’s dedicated team contributes to the success of our solutions and innovative services.

 “The commitment to ensuring seamless processes and service continuity enables businesses to focus on their core operations, marketing, and sales, leaving Daticum to take care of the infrastructure and technical maintenance. Our mission is to develop a partner ecosystem; therefore, the Channel partners will also have the opportunity to sell SaaS through the platform and gain momentum in their business development”, added Georgi Tsekov.

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