Cloud servers with NVMe and SSD storage

Relying on the world’s leading virtualization technologies and backed by high-tech data center facility we offer intelligent solution to address your business needs. You will no longer have to spend money on expensive hardware equipment that will be out-of-date tomorrow, allowing you to concentrate on more pressing issues rather than the maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

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Daticum Cloud Servers differentiate form other solutions on the market with their reliability and high performance. Relying on the top hardware and software vendors in the world, our goal is to guarantee high-quality at a reasonable price. Uncompromising quality, security and server availability what our customers can expect from using our cloud services. To ensure that we always keep our infrastructure in such state that we can guarantee to our clients that they have their computing resources available in any given moment.

With Daticum Cloud Servers you always get the full amount of allocated memory, CPU, network i/o, etc that you are paying for. The enhanced architecture powering Cloud Server solution utilize groups of high specification servers, network attached storage devices to increase reliability.

Our Cloud Servers have all the power and productivity of a physical server and at the same time providing unmatched combination of instant on-demand flexibility and easy to use and manage IT Infrastructure with 99,995% SLA.

The cloud services, which Daticum offers since 2011, have proven to be modern and extremely reliable and desired technology.


Daticum cloud servers have all the power and productivity of a physical server and at the same time providing unmatched combination of instant on-demand flexibility and easy to use and manage IT Infrastructure. Thereby customers have the ability to control the IT costs according to their current needs and business priorities, eliminating the necessity of new investments in own data center. Because of its many advantages, cloud services are seen as the most suitable solution for many projects, which is evident from the growth of the market and competitive environment.

Many users of cloud services face the question of how to make cloud servers more efficient,

and one of the most effective changes in this direction is the optimization of storage

In order to help our customers and their businesses to face those challenges, Daticum invested in implementing Flash System & SSD storage in its Cloud infrastructure. That allowed us to modernize and optimize our cloud services and offerings.

With extremely high productivity, associated with the ability to process large amounts of IOPS, high speed data transfer, rapid compilation of files and accelerated loading of customer systems, SSD is the most appropriate technology for business critical systems and applications, which require fast IOPS processing and low latency, intensive work with database servers, indexing, processing logs and large files, portals with heavy load and lots of users, as well as ERP systems and other business critical IT applications. For extreme workload, when even SSD technology is not sufficient, customers can choose the Flash System technology for their cloud servers.


is authorized Microsoft SPLA partner and can offer Microsoft software products on a MONTHLY BASIS. Take advantage of the opportunity and use Microsoft software for your Cloud Server!

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Daticum Cloud Platform is certified according to the following standards:

ISO/IEC 27018:2014

A certificate for protection of Personally Identifiable Information for the public cloud computing environment!

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Cloud servers

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