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Building custom cloud solutions for small, medium and large companies


Guaranteeing an organisation’s IT infrastructure starts with having it in a safe and secure place like the cloud. Cloud services are also designed to meet the constant pressure to increase performance while simultaneously reducing maintenance costs. Daticum supports business-driven decision-making without technical constraints because the cloud is more flexible than on-premise systems.

We provide an intelligent cloud solution that meets security and reliability requirements. Daticum’s cloud servers allow the business to focus on important tasks while we take care of the constant serviceability of your IT infrastructure.

The cloud environment enables rapid deployment of applications with significantly less maintenance effort. It provides flexible and easy configuration and scaling of IT resources required for ever-changing business needs.

The accumulated “know-how” in building corporate cloud infrastructures allows us to provide the following services with high professionalism and quality:

  • Private clouds
  • Hybrid clouds
  • Desktop virtualisation solutions
  • Consulting and auditing of existing IT infrastructure
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and support

€ 13,60 /month

Basic configuration, suitable mainly for Linux OS-based software distributions.

  • CPU: 1
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • SSD Storage: 30GB
  • 24/7 maintenance
  • 7 days free trial

€ 57,04 /month

Small software systems that require a little more than the minimum resources.

  • CPU: 2
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • NVMe Storage: 80GB
  • 24/7 maintenance
  • 7 days free trial

€ 91,16 /month

Small and medium business software systems that are not heavily loaded.

  • CPU: 2
  • RAM: 8
  • NVMe Storage: 120GB
  • Extras included in the price: Back up 7 days retention + Ransomware security (SentinelOne)
  • 24/7 maintenance
  • 7 days free trial

€ 162,20 /month

Specific software systems with heavy loads and requirements for more IT resources.

  • CPU: 4
  • RAM: 16GB
  • NVMe Storage: 200GB
  • Extras included in the price: Back up 7 days retention + Ransomware security (Sentinel One) + Disaster Recovery Backup
  • 24/7 maintenance
  • 7 days free trial

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is authorized Microsoft SPLA partner and can offer Microsoft software products on a MONTHLY BASIS. Take advantage of the opportunity and use Microsoft software for your Cloud Servers!

Daticum Cloud Platform is ISO/IEC 27018:2014 certified for protection of Personally Identifiable Information for the public cloud computing environment!

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Key features

  • REDUNDANT HARDWARE PLATFORM – highly reliable with failover functionalities to eliminate single point of failure and ensure sensitive data availability;
  • REDUNDANT NETWORK – double backed fiber connections to multiple upstream providers to assure permanent connectivity;
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY – 99,995 % SLA providing maximum downtime of 26 minutes per year;
  • FLEXIBILITY – computing and storage resources can be easily adjust to meet current demands;
  • COST EFFICIENCY – reducing business expenses by paying only for what you need on flat monthly rate.
Daticum C2

Daticum C2 is a Daticum’s cloud solution that is tailored to your business needs and IT environment. One that leverages your IT resources in a secure and managed approach, reducing significantly the maintenance costs. We provide you with your own private virtual data center with on-demand computing power, networking and storage resources…

Cloud Servers

Relying on the world’s leading virtualization technologies and backed by high-tech data center facility we offer intelligent solution to address your business needs. You will no longer have to spend money on expensive hardware equipment that will be out-of-date tomorrow, allowing you to concentrate on more pressing issues rather than the maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

Custom Cloud Solutions

At Daticum, we differentiate ourselves from the traditional data centers by adding business value to our clients. It is our mission to help customers to make the most out of their IT infrastructure in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Thus allowing them to make smart and confident business decisions, without the limitations deriving from the technical constraints.

Cloud server configurator

In addition to our offered virtual servers, virtual data centers and private cloud solutions, through our platform (PaaS), you can also provision, manage and secure your business needs with additional services such as Kubernetes Clusters, Dockers containers, Docker Swarm Clusters, Automation workflows (Terraform, Ansible), intelligent cybersecurity solutions with SentinelOne and desktop virtualization solutions (VDI), at unbeatable prices and with proven quality and professional support.

Cloud servers

Cloud servers

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