Protect your business in the digital reality with SentinelOne

In recent decades, more and more companies have been relying on cloud services, which place particular importance on innovative and proven solutions and their security in the cloud. Understanding the importance of implementing security in cloud services is critical to protecting sensitive data and ensuring a secure environment. Cloud security includes a set of measures, audits, and tests designed to protect data, applications, and infrastructure hosted in the cloud.

Autonomous platform with AI

SentinelOne is an intelligent cyber security platform that provides all the necessary functionalities to achieve prevention, detection, response and remediation of cyber threats/vulnerabilities for all assets of a company. The platform is a revolution in the cyber protection segment because it controls the “unknown dangers”. And all this at cyber speed.

Real-time device protection

The platform utilises many patented AI algorithms to safeguard your devices and systems from a wide range of cyber threats. These algorithms work in real-time to detect and prevent both known and unknown threats without relying on connectivity, cloud latency, or human intervention.

Active threat detection and response

With Sentilen One, your devices self-protect and self-heal by automatically stopping suspicious processes, quarantining, remediating, and even rolling back events to keep endpoints in a perpetually clean state with surgical precision. SentinelOne lets you capture virtually any threat and achieve independence with less effort.

Security for your network and IoT devices

In addition to protecting your data, SentinelOne also protects your entire network with SentinelOne Ranger. Ranger provides visibility into network traffic as well as connected IoT devices, helping to detect suspicious activity, anomalies and potential threats. It allows security teams to monitor network communications and identify potential threats in real-time.

Competitive advantages of the platform

Although there are numerous cybersecurity solutions, many still require significant human intervention. What sets SentinelOne apart from other solutions on the market?

  • Many solutions still heavily depend on virus detection definitions and scripts. However, SentinelOne utilizes advanced behavioural and static analysis techniques that rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning. This approach proves to be significantly more effective in combating viruses;
  • With SentinelOne, recovery and countering threats can be a fully automated process. In the other popular software, this is missing or can be achieved by writing scripts;
  • With SentinelOne, you can make a remote session to a workstation or server and run full PowerShell or CMD commands. With other vendors, this is impossible or requires the purchase of an additional license;
  • SentinelOne can restore deleted or encrypted files to their original form;
  • SentinelOne EPP + EDR functionalities are provided by a single autonomous agent, while other solutions require an additional agent or lack such functions at all;
  • SentinelOne can manage USB, Bluetooth devices and Operating System Firewalls. Many competing solutions lack these functionalities.

How does it work?

The unique technology allows an installed End-point agent to independently assess file and fileless threats without connecting to the cloud or needing external intervention. The following security functions are performed independently:

  • Protection from 0-day attacks, online and offline;
  • Windows rollback – instant recovery of files affected by ransomware;
  • Endpoint protection using: Static AI, Behavioral AI, Exploits, malicious scripts, and Lateral Movement in real time;
  • Detection of a threat or developing attack;
  • Automatic, as well as the possibility of manual hunting of threats in the infrastructure;
  • Stopping the attack and placing the harmful files under quarantine for further analysis;
  • Infection cleanup and real-time protection;
  • Erasing all changes made by the infection;
  • Built-in Threat intelligence protection that does not need a constant connection to the cloud;
  • Prevention, Detection & Response functions.

Business benefits

SentinelOne is a proven solution that works 24/7 for enterprise security and profits.

The platform offers the perfect solution for your organisation, tailored to meet your infrastructure requirements. You can effortlessly scale and opt for either cloud-based or on-premise management, benefit from offline support, and rely on a dependable API.

A single, holistic agent

Provides real-time device security and fully autonomous operation. Enjoy ease of use and high performance, whether running on PC, Mac, Linux, or VDI.

Security integrations

SentinelOne can serve as a platform or as an integrator.

With SentinelOne, you get the best of the best.

The development of the platform is the result of joint work with the security industry. It is tailored to the specific requirements of specific verticals to achieve compatibility and a proven working model. Global industry leaders trust the platform as the preferred enterprise endpoint security solution choice.

The Daticum team is the official partner of SentinelOne for Bulgaria and provides the full set of functionalities of the software as a monthly service without having to purchase licenses.

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