Speed up Your Business with the Effective yet Affordable Daticum Cloud Services

The post-pandemic recovery of the economy in 2022 has shown that many organizations are looking for new approaches to make the most of the accelerating opportunities for growth relying on cloud technologies and platforms. The main benefits the cloud offers are flexibility and scaling of resources and infrastructure, and the ultimate goal is cost optimization and overall growth. Migration to the cloud is necessary for businesses to expand while utilizing computing resources and the innovative technologies they need. Besides, the users obtain full transparency and control over operational costs while getting all core technologies and additional critical services, such as cyber security.

However, does moving to the cloud mean an easy transition to the new business model?

CIOs must choose the right cloud strategy and a reliable technology provider while being challenged to maintain the continuity and reliability of core business operations. This situation undoubtedly puts enormous pressure not only on them but also on the business lines.

Josif Tcheresharov, Business Development Director, shares his experience and recommendations when working with customers who need or are looking for an upgrade to existing cloud solutions.

How the Daticum team helps companies overcome obstacles to cloud innovations

Daticum has had long-term experience and expertise in cloud migration of large organizations and therefore offers technology consulting, complete solutions, and process management. Our experts and certified software engineers conduct thorough audits and propose solutions that address gaps, lack, or inadequacy of systems and resources. They find critical places in systems or processes and answer what makes it difficult for organizations to cope successfully with implementing cloud solutions.

When working on implementing a new or upgrading an existing project, we always try to present and justify the business benefits of cloud migration.

We address any questions related to applications or compatibility or what the process of adapting to this new way of doing business will be and how it will affect operations.

As a result, we have established long-term relationships and won the trust of numerous customers from critical sectors, such as healthcare/hospitals, enterprises such as manufacturing plants, online casinos, retailers, training centers, etc.

We have used our experience and accumulated technological expertise to build a one-stop-shop providing reliable yet cost-effective services to businesses.

Josif Tscheresharov, Business Development Director


Our customers have access to the right resources at the right time and receive guaranteed service continuity and a high level of cyber protection through the latest generation of intelligent technologies. The corporate and SME segments have a full range of managed cloud services, access to build and rent cloud servers, cloud infrastructure, virtualization services, data center management, and much more at their disposal.

Business users get reliable, secure, and guaranteed functionality such as IaaS, PaaS, BaaS, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), DRaaS, and more by leveraging VMware’s world-leading virtualization technology. The Daticum is among the leading cloud providers in the region and is an established partner of global IT vendors of virtualization solutions and technologies such as VMware, Sentinel One, Microsoft, Veeam, and others.

In addition to the core cloud services, we also offer many additional options and thus provide our customers with complete solutions for their IT needs. Highly scalable cloud solutions enable connecting public cloud instances or physical infrastructure. Our cloud infrastructure offers high availability to prevent system failure and subsequent business downtime.

What are the competitive advantages of the cloud services offered by Daticum

We offer a wide range of innovative functionalities such as the creation of private virtual data centers, self-service of containers, clusters (Kubernetes, Docker Host), KVM functionality, predefined software, applications, and PaaS services, hybrid cloud applications, a large number of automation using Ansible and Terraform, therefore our clients can enjoy the most innovative and at the same time affordable solutions.

Last but not least, our certified teams offer guaranteed 24/7 support.  A vital part of our success is that integration services, technical solutions, and technical support are provided and guaranteed by relevant third-party partners and us.

So, moving to the cloud enables businesses to focus on their core operations, marketing, and sales, leaving us to take care of the infrastructure and technical side. As our mission is to develop our partner ecosystem, Channel partners will also have the opportunity to sell SaaS and grow their business.

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