vipCloud (Virtual Private Cloud) is a Daticum’s cloud solution that is tailored to your business needs and IT environment. One that leverages your IT resources in a secure and managed approach, reducing significantly the maintenance costs. We provide you with your own private virtual data center with on-demand computing power, networking and storage resources to allow you to create a self-serviced seamless pool of IT capacity that is always there when needed.

With vipCloud you can easily adjust your IT resources in just a few minutes to successfully meet your current business requirements, without slowing your applications productivity during that time. And furthermore, this is achieved without any investments in hardware equipment or additional technical personnel.

Daticum is authorized Microsoft SPLA partner and can offer Microsoft software products on a monthly basis. Take advantage of the opportunity and use Microsoft software in you Virtual Private Cloud. Contact us at for more!

vipCloud is the best way to enhance your IT service productivity, increase reliability, and ultimately drive your business forward.

Contact our team at to learn more about vipCloud and the benefits it provides.